Signature Concierge Services

Curating a Serene Experience

Our executive chauffeurs orchestrate a tranquil atmosphere in any circumstance.


Choosing a quiet path that bypasses traffic. Arriving at a private entrance far from the paparazzi. Keeping your traveler dry in an unexpected downpour. Your executive chauffeur is ready for every “what if” scenario, ensuring passengers’ comfort and ease. 


The exceptional service doesn’t stop when your traveler steps out of the car. Our Signature Concierge offering helps you arrange their entire itinerary with a single call.

Our reservation planners connect with guest services at each stop in the city, ensuring VIP services are in place and awaiting your traveler’s arrival.

Personal Service

Travelers with Sofia Lucas don’t stand in lines.
Our executive chauffeurs take passengers directly to the VIP entrance. Your experienced chauffeur anticipates every need along the way, so travelers arrive relaxed and refreshed.

Personal Attendant

At each stop in the city, we arrange a greeter to meet your traveler at the door and see to their needs, allowing them to skip reservation desks and check-in lines.

Easy Air Travel

Your chauffeur knows exactly where to pick up and drop off passengers to minimize time walking through the local airport. Travelers flying private can be met directly at their plane.

Insider Access

To drive for Sofia Lucas, each executive chauffeur must be an expert in their city.

Efficient Navigation

Your chauffeur knows the best routes in the city, avoiding traffic snarls and delivering passengers directly to VIP entrances.

Exclusive Connections

When a traveler wants a last-minute dinner reservation or a table at the city’s most exclusive jazz club, our chauffeurs have the connections to make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for airport pickups?

Upon arrival in the city, you and your traveler will receive a text notification with the name and photo of your uniformed chauffeur. Your chauffeur will pick up the passenger at a designated location in the airport and guide them to the vehicle, where they can relax on the way to the hotel. At the hotel, your traveler will be met by a greeter to take them to their room while your chauffeur transfers the luggage to hotel staff.

All Sofia Lucas cars are late model luxury vehicles used exclusively for black car services. Vehicles are immaculately detailed between reservations to ensure a relaxing, pristine environment for our passengers.

Sofia Lucas operates in cities across the nation. Our corporate offices are headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth.

When you make your reservation, we will review your traveler’s itinerary. Sofia Lucas maintains a network of hospitality partners across the U.S., allowing us to arrange white-glove service for our clients at restaurants, hotels, and other destinations.

Your White Glove Car Service Consultation

We make it easy to arrange a flawless chauffeured car experience.