The Sofia Lucas Experience

Chauffeur Services That Make Travel a Pleasure

Relax in the confidence that Sofia Lucas will deliver a reliably exquisite experience at every destination.

It was once a challenge to find vendors in every city who could be trusted to provide an exceptional level of service.

Making travel a pleasure is all about the details.
An impeccable executive chauffeur.
An immaculate vehicle.
Amenities that anticipate a principal’s every need.

What to Expect

Easily arrange executive chauffeur services in every city on your principal’s route.

Consistent High Standards

In every city where we operate, the Sofia Lucas experience is the same – reliably refined and predictably delightful.

Exquisite Environments

Sofia Lucas exclusively employs late-model luxury vehicles. Every vehicle is freshly detailed for each reservation.

Top-Tier Chauffeurs

In each city, only the best of the best executive chauffeurs meet the rigorous qualifications it takes to drive for us.

Exclusive City Access

Our chauffeurs have inside access to their city’s top experiences, from the best restaurants to exclusive attractions.

What Our Clients Say

Your White Glove Car Service Consultation

We make it easy to arrange a flawless chauffeured car experience.